Visiting a high mountain




望岳 Wang Yue


岱宗夫如何?—Daizong[1A] fu2 ru2 he2?
齊魯青未了.—Qi Lu[2B] qing wei4 le.
造化鐘神秀,—Zao4 hua4 zhong4 shen2 xiu4,
陰陽割昏曉.—Yin yang2 ge hun xiao3.

盪胸生層雲,—Dang4 xiong sheng ceng2 yun2,
決眥入歸鳥.—Jue2 zi4 ru4 gui niao3.
會當凌絕頂,—Hui4 dang ling2 jue2 ding3,
一覽眾山小.—Yi lan3 zhong4 shan xiao3.

The explanations in Chinese and English

(1) 這座高峻的泰山, 是怎樣的呢?
(2) 原來他接連在齊魯兩國的地方, 青青的山色, 綿延著不斷的啊!
(3) 由於天地的造化萬物,
(4) 把靈秀之氣集合在這座高山上.

(5) 山後因為日光所不及, 山前卻是日光所常照, 所以山後和山前, 便有一暗一明的分別.
(6) 能夠動盪我胸襟的, 便是那山上生出來的一層層的雲,
(7) 張開眼眶來觀望, 就看見空中的歸鳥.
(8) 我將來有機會, 總要走到最高的峰頂上去, 向下看看其他各山的渺小哩.

(1) How do you explain the high and steep of this mountain called Taishan?

(2) Originally, the two States of Qi and Lu [2] were being endlessly joined together by Taishan.
(3) It was because heaven and earth created everything.
(4) The air of everything created in the world was condensed in this high mountain.

(5) The front of the mountain received sunlight most of the time but the back of it received no sunlight. Due to this reason the mountain was divided into two environments of one side being bright and the other dark.
(6) The thing that really able to stir my heart was the layer of clouds on top of the mountain.
(7) By looking carefully one could see the birds returning to their nests.
(8) If I ever had the opportunity I would climb to the top of the mountain to see how small were other mountains in comparison to Taishan.

岱宗 (Daizong)
Is another name for Taishan Mountain (泰山) in Shandong province (山東省)

齊魯 (Qi Lu)
The two States of Qi (齊國) and Lu (魯國) were in existence during the Zhou
Dynasty (周朝 1134BC to 156BC). They were in Shandong province.

CHUNG Yoon-Ngan (鄭永元)


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