The thought at silent night

靜夜思—Jing4 Ye4 Si

Li Bai

床前明月光,—Chuang2 qian2 ming2 yue4 guang,
疑是地上霜.—Yi2 shi4 di4 shang4 shuang;
舉頭望明月,—Ju3 tou2 wang4 ming2 yue4,
低頭思故鄉.—Di tou2 si gu4 xiang.

The explanations in Chinese and English

(1) 照在床前明月的亮光,
(2) 我疑心是地上的霜.
(3) 我抬起頭來望望天上的明月,
(4) 低下頭來便想念自己的故鄉了.

(1) The moon shines on my bed,
(2) I suspect it is the frost on the ground;
(3) Lifting my head I look at the moon,
(4) Looking at the ground down I am thinking of my hometown.


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