The Chinese in general do not want anything to do with politics.

Do you agree with this guy ? I know that many Chinese shun politics. But there are always Chinese eiltes who believe in serving their nations as politicians.
Maybe the term politicians carry negative connotation, and should be replaced by ‘statesmen’.
Author: Marcus Zhao
Date:   03-12-05 21:25
Most are Daoist by nature. There are millions of Chinese living outside of China. How many actually are active in politics? How many Chinese senators have the Americans have in its 200+ years of history? Government starts from the home. People who can only think of one system of government i.e. democracy, obviously lacks imagination. In fact they are like parrots, not understanding whatever they are saying or shall I say repeating.
Unfortunately, in a democracy, the people who are most vocal and most manipulative gets elected and those types of people don’t deserved to be leaders! Who will ever elect someone like Laozi to be the leader? For a wise guy like Laozi whose motto is "Those who talk do not know; those who know do not talk. Beautiful words are not good; good words are not beautiful." Would you expect someone who said the above words to be elected as the leader in a democracy? Fat chance! Look at all the Chinese leaders; none of them are eloquent speakers like Kennedy, or Lincoln, or Clinton, etc. The criteria for a good leader is surely not eloquence but wisdom; not extravagance but frugality; not a show-off but modest; not a talker but a good listener! These are all yin attributes and nothing of yang like the west craves for.
Lastly, too many cooks spoil the broth and you know what is worse than that? They all blame someone other than themselves and who is to know whose fault it is when so many have their fingers in the "pie"! This is call passing the buck, the oldest trick in a democratic government- just blame the previous administration!

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