Sitting alone in Mount Jingting

獨坐敬亭山 Du Zuo Jingting Shan[1A]
Li Bai 


眾鳥高飛盡,—Zhong4 niao3 gao fei jin4,
孤雲獨去閒.—Gu yun2 du2 qu4 xian2;
相看兩不厭,—Xiang kan liang3 bu4 yan4,
只有敬亭山.—Zhi you3 Jingting Shan.

The explanations in Chinese and English.

(1) 那一群群的飛鳥, 都望著高處飛去, 並不曾留著一隻,
(2) 祇剩下一片孤單的浮雲, 輕飄的散去, 覺得很清閒的.
(3) 在這時候, 你看著我, 我看著你, 兩下裏都不厭煩,
(4) 祇有這一座敬亭山, 和我的意見相同呢.

Sitting alone in Mount Jingting

All the birds fly away high and above the sky,
With only a stretch of lonely cloud is dispersing leisurely.
At this time only Mount Jingting and I are left behind,
Mount Jingting looks at me and I look back,
And we are not tired of looking at each other.

敬亭山 Mount Jingting is in the north of the present day county of Xuancheng (宣城縣) in Anhui province (安徽縣).


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