Malaysian election 2008

Today is the D – day. There is much excitement, whereby a majority of people I know here are hoping for great changes.
What changes do they want ?
– Strong oppositions
– Make the Malaysian government lose face
I am somewhat nonchalant. Not because I am not interested in politics. It is just that the outcomes will not improve the situation. First, there is practically no chance of opposition forming the next government. Even if opposition wins many seat at expense of MCA, it will only worsen race relations over there as there will be less Chinese in ruling government. I can see more unrests coming up in Malaysia, with Indians and Chinese demanding more from Malays.
Badawi is an interim figure. He will go soon. Who’s next ?
As for PKR, I am just amazed at how persuasive is Anwar in attracting Chinese, particularly those Western educated type blazing with ‘democrazy’ ideals. They are going to be dissapointed with Anwar.
I have never been an MCA supporter, until this election. My rationale is that Chinese need to be represented in the goverment. They still have roles in moderating some of the negatives policies being meted out by the Malay government. Asians work better in consultative environments. Talk fests in parliment are just for show, for things are always decided behind closed door first.
Coincidently, Penang’s outgoing CM, Dr Koh also cautioned that a reduction of non-Malay representatives would weaken the balance in the Barisan government. “I am concerned about the overall situation. It is not a very good balance if most of the opposition members in our state assembly are Chinese or non-Malays while the government is made up of largely Malay members.” According to him, real politics was “all about numbers” and a drastic decrease in non-Malay representation in the Government might disrupt the balance.

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