Farewell at the wineshop in Jinliang


Jinling[1A] Jiu Si Liu Bie

Li Bai (李白) who lived between 701AD to 762AD during Tang dynasty is one of most famous Chinese poet.

風吹柳花滿店香,—Feng chui liu3 hua man3 dian4 xiang,
吳姬壓酒喚客嘗.—Wu Ji [2B] ya jiu3 huan4 ke4 chang2.
金陵子弟來相送,—Jinling zi3 di4 lai2 xiang song4,
欲行不行各盡觴.—Yu4 xing2 bu4 xing2 ge4 jin4 shang[3C].

請君試問東流水,—Qing3 jun shi4 wen4 dong liu2 shui3,
別意興之誰短長.—Bie2 yi4 xing zhi[4D] shui2 duan3 chang2.

(1) 春風拂著柳花, 把這酒店裏充滿著香氣,
(2) 店中有吳地的女子, 燙煖了酒勸客人嘗喝幾杯;
(3) 金陵地方的子弟們, 來向我道別,
(4) 將要行走, 卻又不忍離別; 現在且和大家喝完幾杯酒罷.

(5) 請你們試問東流的水,
(6) 這次我和你們離別的情意, 和水的長短比較起來,

(1) The spring breeze whisking the willow flowers gives the fragrance to this wineshop,
(2) There are a few girls in the shop warming the wine and urging the customers to drink a few more cups;
(3) The youngsters of Jinliang come here to say farewell to me,
(4) I am about to leave yet not willing to go, let us drink a few more cups.

(5) Please ask the water that flowing east,
(6) In comparison between my separation from you and the flowing water, which is longer?


(1A) 金陵 (Jinliang)
is the present day city of Nanjing 南京市 in Jiangsu province 江蘇省.

(2B) 吳姬 (Wu Ji)
Girls of Jiangsu province 江蘇省婦女.

(3C) 觴(shang)
wine cup or drinking vessel 盛酒器具.

(D) 別意與之
In this case the author refers to the water flowing east 指東流水.

CHUNG Yoon-Ngan (鄭永元)


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