Ascending a height




登高 Deng Gao

Dù Fǔ 杜甫

風急天高猿嘯哀,—Feng ji2 tian gao yuan2[1A] xiao4 ai,
渚清沙白鳥飛迴,—Zhu3 qing sha bai2 niao3 fei hui2.
無邊落木蕭蕭下—Wu2 bian luo4 mu4 xiao xiao xia4,
不盡長江滾滾來.—Bu4 jin4 Changjiang gun3 gun3 lai2.

萬里悲秋常作客,—Wan4 li3 bei qiu chang2 zuo4 ke4,
百年多病獨登臺.—Bai3 nian2 duo bing4 du2 deng tai2.
艱難苦恨繁霜鬢,—Jian nan2 ku3 hen4 fan2 shuang bin4,
潦倒新停濁酒杯.—Liao3 dao4 xin ting2 zhuo2 jiu3 bei

The explanations in Chinese and English

(1) 登在高處遙望, 覺得風聲急促, 天空高曠, 聽那猿猴啼出的聲音, 很是悲哀.
(2) 水中有清雅的小洲, 沙灘上呈現白色, 群鳥從遠處回來.
(3) 許多的樹葉都蕭蕭地落下.
(4) 沒有窮盡的長江水, 滔滔不絕的流過來.

(5) 我在萬里以外, 悲傷著這秋天蕭條的景色, 自己常在遠地做遊客.
(6) 想人生不過百年, 我又時常生病, 現在一個人到臺上登
(7) 高在這艱難的時世, 自己恨著鬢髮已白,
(8) 在困屯頓無聊的時期中, 已經戒酒, 把斟取濁的杯子放下不飲了.

(1) Ascending a height to enjoy a distant view, I find that the sky is immensely vast and the wind is very strong, and I can hear the crying sad sound of the apes.
(2) There are small inlets in the water and white sand on the beach and
the flock of birds have returned from the distant.
(3) The wind soughs and sighs and many leaves are falling from the trees.
(4) The endless water in the Yangtze River is flowing non-stop.

(5) I am thousands of miles away from home and looking at the autumn scenery, I feel rather sad for being a wanderer for most of the time.
(6) Alone in a height place I reckon a man has less than a hundred years
to live and besides I often feel sick.
(7) My hair has turned white already,
(8) At this difficult time with nothing much to do I have given up drinking.


(1A) 猿 (yuan2)
Yuan2 means anthropoid ape, e.g. 從猿到人 from ape to man.

This poem was written in 766AD, at the age of 55, when he was living for
two years in Kuizhou 夔州 county in Sichuan province (四川省)

CHUNG Yoon-Ngan (鄭永元)


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