All Peaceful on the Western Front

Some observations on peace, humbly submitted.
It’s fashionable in the West these days to extol the human yearning for peace and condemn war in general. No one can argue with someone who claims to prefer peace to war. All rational people do. What many Westerners seem to be saying, however, if you look beneath the surface, goes something like this:
OK, people of the world, listen up! We are now going to outlaw war, that is, the use of force to obtain what you may want, need, desire, covet…whatever.
But, Mr. Westerner, didn’t all you round eye, high nose, ghost skin people use wars to obtain what you needed to create your high standard of living.
Listen, World, all of our wars were noble enterprises, fought because we have very high ideals.
But, Mr. Westwind, if I may humbly point out, now that you have obtained all that you want by your fighting and taking policy, …oh, pardon me….I mean, by your “noble enterprises”…now you want to put everything on hold, maintain the status quo.
Right, World, that is God’s Way.
Mr. Westward Ho, it seems your western god is engaging in a bit of Newspeak. Is he saying we cannot imitate your tactics to obtain for ourselves the same high standard of living? Can’t we have a few noble enterprises? You know. Monkey see, monkey do.
Don’t change the subject, World. God is power.
I don’t want to change the subject, Westface, I want to change the world. Besides, that quote about God, you stole that
from Orwell.
That’s exactly what we’re doing, World, that’s the motto of the US president, the Big Brother…”I want to change the world.”
You’re confusing me, Westy. You say “peace” but you do “war.”
Yo, World, that’s the strategy. Listen to our pretty words. They sound so nice. Who can argue with them? That’s why we associate ourselves with “good, pretty sounding” words. If you criticize us, it makes you look like you’re criticizing “good things.”…..Bushspeak 101.
Mr. West by Norwest, if we have one or two high ideals, can we wage a war or two, just so that we can imitate your illustrious westerliness, of course.
Absolutely not, World. Do as we say, not as we do.
And what do you say, today, Mr. West End? Does the Pentagon still say “peace.”
We don’t say “pentagon” anymore, World. It is called the Ministry of Truth.
Oh, Good Grief. This is hopeless.

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