Problems of democracy

What do you think of this view. I think it is very reasonable and balanced.




Author: platypus
Date:   01-31-08 00:20

The problem of how to govern is an age-old problem and will remain one for as far as the eye can see. A really satisfatory solution has yet to be found.

Good government has to be the following: 1) delivering good governance; 2) have broad public support and credibility; and 3) a succession plan (i.e., no bloodshed just to change government).

I think to achieve good government, one needs a mix of meritocracy and democracy–democracy used in the broad sense, not just elections as litmus test.

And there’s no one size fits all. Every country would have to find its own model that would work best given each country’s unique circumstances–history, culture, level of social and economic development etc.

China is still searching for that model, that much the CCP has made clear. It is experimenting and tinkering with the system all the time.

The worst offense the west has committed is to pretend to have the answers for other countries–especially developing countries–when it doesn’t. This is like an unlicensed doctor giving out unequivocal advice, except in this case the "doctor" would resort to harrassment and threats, even the use of force, to bend the patient. This is scandalous and unconscionable, and one reason why we have endless wars where the west meddles, some started by foreign invasion, some by civil war instigated from abroad.


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