Chinese culture and European Culture – How different and Why?

A rather simplistic view, but you’ll get the drift.

By the way, Mr Tsang was a Minister of Culture in Mauritius.



Author: Joseph Tsang Mang Kin 
Date:   01-09-08 08:17

Chinese culture and European Culture – How different and Why?

To put it roughly and in a nutshell, we can say that Chinese culture is Secular and European culture is Religious. At least that’s how they started and developed in the course of time.

It starts with the founders of these cultures
European Culture is recent but its origins can be traced back to Mesopotamia, in that area between Tigris and Euphrates, in Arab land that produced Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These three revealed religions are branches of the same trunk.. What they have in common is an angry Deity that has to be placated with blood.

Yahweh the Jewish God turned down the vegetables offered by Cain and preferred a slaughtered lamb from Abel. He admits he is a revengeful god, a god of the Armies that punishes those that do not believe in him. The Christians worship the same God Yahweh but divides him into three persons – the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Spirit – but the three parts form the same and one God. The Christians believe that the sin of humans were so great that Yahweh himself sent t his son in the World to spill his blood without which the sin could not be forgiven. Through the doctrine of transubstantiation, the blood of Jesus continued to be spilled every day in each Christian church throughout the world. The Muslims worship the same deity but under a different name, Allah and recognize Abraham as the first prophet. It’s in memory of this first Jew that Muslims continue the slaughter of animals. The three religions from Arabia are based on three sets of books namely the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran that were produced by the Semite culture.

Adam and Eve the first Semitic parents were kicked out of paradise, came from a broken home , with one brother killing another. They are all threatened with eternal damnation

Like the Ancient Greeks, the foFont sizeunders of Chinese civilization were primarily concerned with the present, that is, how to live happily here and now. Their ideal is to achieve Fuk – Luk – Shou, that is Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity. But this is not to be pursued selfishly to the detriment of others but collectively, for the common good. So all their thinking has been about the ideal form of government, good governance, the avoidance of war, astrology/ astronomy for farming and for compliance with the environment, food and plants for good health and long life. Your relationship with the Great One, Unity or Tao is your own private affair.

Fuxi and Nuwa, the first Chinese parents were never kicked out of home, had no curse on their heads and have no murderous children . It’s a history of sane parents teaching their children agriculture, farming, medicine, cooperation and proper social behaviour

Chinese culture unlike Semite Culture is not based on faith in a deity that dispenses rewards or punishments in the hereafter. It does not have to placate that deity, or seek to save your souls. It has no religion to impose on others. It has no missionary zeal. Hence it never had to launch any wars to convert or colonize other peoples.


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